Free Choice

Discover our unique collection of costumes that transport you back to the splendor of Bridgerton and the Tudor era, as well as our bold and striking Hysterical Collection.

Something Special

€100,00 per person | +/- 1,5 hour

*Duration may vary depending on the group size.

At Something Extra Special, it's all about freedom of choice. In our studio, you can immerse yourself in a unique collection of costumes, ranging from the splendor of Bridgerton and the Tudor era to our daring and striking Hysterical Collection.

Each session begins with a warm welcome. During the tour, you'll get acquainted with all the costumes we offer. In the studio, you'll have the chance to choose your own costume.

Through cheerful stories, interesting facts, and beautiful costumes, everyone gets transformed into what brings them joy! This moment is captured in our photo studio. We take group photos, solo portraits, and various combinations during our Fun Photo Session, filled with humor and helpful tips. If the weather is nice, we might venture outdoors too!

And at the end of your journey, there's a festive conclusion in the 'Delft Blue Salon' with coffee/tea and special treats and surprises! Here, the masterpiece is unveiled, and you'll receive the result right away to take home.

It's also possible to order additional photos afterward. You can preview the prices here.

Something Spectacular

€150,00 per person | +/- 2,5 hours

*Duration may vary depending on the group size.

Everything above and MORE!

Feel like extending the enjoyment of this time travel experience? Choose your next adventure! Multiple activities available for an additional +€50.00 per person.

Something Exclusive


Something Extra Exclusive offers an unforgettable Dream Day in Delft. This exclusive experience promises a day full of surprises and extraordinary moments that you'll cherish for a long time. Create your own dream day! 

Call for more information at 06 227 66 228.